Executive Team for 2020-2022 Term

Assalamu Alaikum All,

Alhamdulillah, NANMMA Election Commission in the US and Canada has completed the process of determining the NRDs and NBDs for the 2020-2022 term. The list is available at https://nanmmaonline.org/2020-executive-team/. Please take this moment to welcome them and pray for their success.

The NRD nomination process started on January 6th and ended on January 31st. It involved each nominee making their interest in executive positions and activities during the application. They were notified of a process in which the election commission in each country would prepare a panel based on their interests. The new NRDs were welcomed to contest the panel to have an election. Accordingly, the panel was proposed to the NRDs for review. The panel includes a deputed member from the NTC to guide the new executive team during the term. The proposed panel for each country was confirmed as the new executive team without any compelling challenges.

The US Election Commission had two meetings with the new US NRD team (February 29th and March 7th) to confirm the list and introduce the team. The US NBD is yet to pick its Activity Leads from the new NRD in the US. It will be completed before the NBD takes its office in mid-April, Insha Allah.

Since most of the NRDs from Canada are new to NANMMA and the executive team is the first in Canada, the proposed panel included Activity Leads from the Canadian NRD. The Canada Election Commission had two meetings with the new Canadian NRD team (February 21st and February 27th) to confirm the list and introduce the team.

Insha Allah, the new executive team for the US and Canada will take office in mid-April. We wish them great success and hope they take NANMMA to the next level. Congratulations team!

Election Commission – USA and Canada

Canada Executive Team for 2020-2022 Term


Executive President Mustha K.P. Manitoba
Executive Vice President Shihab V.S. Ontario
Executive Secretary Fazil Abdu Quebec
Executive Joint Secretary Noorulhuda Ontario
Executive Treasurer Shanvas Sathar British Columbia
Executive Joint Treasurer Mohammed Salim Ontario
Executive Director – Programs & Projects Rajina Alberta
Executive Director – PR, Media & Communications Shahabas Ibrahim Ontario
Executive Director – Assets & Memberships Shamnad Shaffi Ontario
Executive Director – Youth Empowerment Muhammed Rafzal British Columbia
Executive Director – Women Empowerment Sajana Riyas Ontario


Executive Director – Charity Ansari Muhammed Alberta
Executive Director – Faith and Family Shajil Kunhumon Ontario
Executive Director – Civic Engagement Ansar. M.K. Ontario
Executive Director – Interfaith Arshad Salam Ontario
Executive Director – Infrastructure Support Shihab K.V. Ontario
Executive Director – Travel Club Lubna Irfaz Ontario